4 januari 2010

The Nazi TT (PB) Manx TT Isle of Man

70 years ago, a disciplined force of Nazi NSKK paramilitary stormtroopers and regular Wehrmacht soldiers invaded the Isle of Man to seek victory in the world s toughest motorcycle races.
Full-scale war against Germany was only three months away and the Third Reich s Fuhrer Adolf Hitler was determined to teach Britain a sharp lesson in Aryan supremacy before the guns began to fire in earnest.
In The Nazi TT, veteran motorcycling journalist Roger Willis has blended a unique cocktail of politics, history and balls-out bike racing. His book explains how Hitler s henchmen turned German motorcycle sport into a paramilitarised adjunct to the Nazi Party s evil ideology during the 1930s and tested their might on the TT Mountain Course.
It reveals who the racers and their Nazi puppet-masters on the Island in 1939 actually were, what they achieved and what happened to them afterwards. You just couldn t make this stuff up.

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