11 juli 2008

Literatuur Brakwater

Aqualog: The Puffers of Fresh and Brackish Waters
Klaus Ebert

This book supplies 300 brilliant photos of all the puffers around the world, and also a vast knowledge in keeping these outrageous and colorful animals, which the author experienced over 40 years.
A unique Lexicon for beginners in the hobby, as well as for specialized aquarists and scientists. The only book worldwide on this subject!

ISBN: 393170260X
• Imported (Germany)
• Hardcover: 96 pages

Practical Fishkeeping Guide to Pufferfish

ISBN: 1860542336
• Imported (United Kingdom)
• Hardcover: 64 pages

AQUALOG Special, Brackish-Water Fishes: All About Species, Care and Breeding (Hardcover)by Frank Schafer

This book is devoted exclusively to the subject of the brackish water aquarium. It covers in depth the special characteristics of brackish water zones. It describes the equipment required and details how the aquarium should be set up and maintained.There are also detailed descriptions of many species suitable for the brackish aquarium. Not just the commonly seen species like mollies and puffers, but also the more unusual species.To our knowledge this is the only book in print devoted to the subject of brackish water aquariums and suitable fish. Hardcover, 80 pages and over 160 color photos.
Product Details
ISBN-13: 9783936027822
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Aqualog Verlag GmbH.
Pub. Date: April 2005
Sales Rank: 316,116

Brackish Water Fishes: An Aquarist's Guide to Identification, Care & Husbandry: A Complete Guide to the Most Common and Easy-To-Obtain Species for Hom (Hardcover)

Product Details
ISBN-13: 9780793805648
Format: Hardcover, 384pp
Publisher: TFH Publications, Inc.
Pub. Date: October 2006
Sales Rank: 301,896

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